Getting rid of pet fur on fabrics and carpets can be a nightmare.

There isn’t a magic solution to quickly remove dog fur and cat hair from upholstery and carpets, but using a combination of the following chemical-free methods will make it easier:

  • Roll a lint roller across the affected area. Alternatively, Scotch tape can be used.
  • Blow the affected area with compressed air.
  • Use a pumice stone or similar product like Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover
  • Scrub the affected area with a clean wet sponge.
  • Clump hairs together with a rubber mop or rubber squeegee.
  • Pro Tip – Run velcro hair curlers across the affected area. This is effective for tight spots.
  • Wear latex gloves and clump the hairs together in a downward motion. Wet the gloves for more stubborn hairs. If you don’t have gloves, then soaking your hands in water works too.

Now, your furry companion is free to roam around the car!

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