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Professional car detailing at the convenience and comfort of your home.


Starting at $250

Time Required: 4-7 Hours

Results are based on the current condition of your vehicle.


ALL interior surfaces multi-step clean except headliner (spot clean only)

  • Meticulous Vacuum
  • European Steam Clean
  • Plastic Surfaces Stains Remover
  • Center Console Compartments, Sunglasses Holder, and Glove Box Multi-Step Clean
  • Floor & Seats Multi-Step Clean
  • Non-greasy Leather Cleaner
  • Headliner Stain Remover
  • Shoe Scuffs Marks Remover
  • Sunblock Smear Marks Remover
  • Ammonia-Free (Safe For Tint) Window Cleaner
  • Trunk and Frunk (Front Trunk) Multi-Step Clean
  • Trunk Tool Storage Area Multi-Step Clean


  • Rinseless & pH Balanced (Safe For Ceramic Coatings) Wash*
  • Edgeless Microfiber 100% Hand Wash with distilled water (no hard water spots)
  • Filtered Compressed Air Dry
  • Jambs Wipe Down: Doors, Trunk, Gas Cap, & Sunroof
  • Bonus: Claybar Paint Decontamination Treatment**
  • Paint Correction: Polish Door Handles & Handle Jambs
  • Dust Repellent Polymer SEALANT Coating: Outperforms Wax 20-to-1 with 6 Months to 1 Year Paint Protection when properly maintained (3-4 months if parking outdoors) – Lab Tested to Hold Up After 100 Hand Washes with pH Balanced Soap
  • Window Cleaner
  • Black Plastic, Vinyl, and Rubber Trim Refresher
  • Wheel Wells Degreaser Treatment
  • Wheel Brightener***
  • Wheel Sealant
  • Tire Cleaner
  • Natural Finish Tire Treatment

*Additional charge for bird droppings, tree sap, dried mud, & dried salt remover.
**Available for vehicles washed within the last week if ungaraged or 3 weeks if garaged AND there are no above-surface contaminants.

***Brake dust is corrosive and if left on wheels for long enough, will become permanent. This service does not remove permanent brake dust stains.

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What’s Used

High-end U.S.A. manufactured professional grade detailing products, which mostly consists of products from Meguair’s Detailer & Mirror Glaze lines, although a mix and match of 3M, Carpro, 3D Products, and various other U.S.A. made products are used too because no single company makes the best product for every situation.

Why OCD Shine?

Industry-leading Ceramic Coatings

Unlike many detailing businesses in San Gabriel Valley, OCD Shine doesn’t use Ceramic Pro, IGL, or any other ceramic coating brand that has regional distributors who source ceramic coatings from Chinese manufacturers. These relatively new brands are popular because they invest heavily in online marketing and can cut costs by shipping mass-produced entry-level coatings from overseas.

Instead, OCD Shine only uses high-end ceramic coatings manufactured in the US, which guarantees consistent and incomparable durability, water beading, repellency, and gloss. OCD Shine’s carefully vetted ceramic coating suppliers are well-established American industrial coating and auto detailing manufacturers that have: robust quality control departments, scientists who pioneered the field of surface coatings currently employed in heavily funded research and development projects, and are private label manufacturers for many new companies and detailers who promote ceramic coatings heavily on social media. Never settle.

Higher Standard of Care, Longer-Lasting Paint Protection

OCD Shine doesn’t use wax because wax offers very little durability, usually lasting just a few days or until your next car wash, and also because wax attracts dust and pollen.

Most detailing businesses in San Gabriel Valley make a living selling high-volume and speedy low-quality wash & wax jobs as “detailing” packages, a lot of times done by trained employees. Client turnover and meeting payroll are more important to profits than durable and high quality results for these businesses, so restorative work and paint protection is kept to a minimum. This explains why many cheap detailing services in San Gabriel Valley offer outdated and ineffective products like wax.

On the other hand, OCD Shine doesn’t book more than 1 vehicle a day and is operated entirely by owner/operator Jerry, meaning your vehicle gets the time, industry experience, quality, and professionalism you deserve and paid for. OCD Shine doesn’t use wax because wax offers very little durability, usually lasting just a few days or until your next car wash, and also because wax attracts dust and pollen. Instead, included with the Detailing Package, Exterior Only Package, and every Paint Correction, OCD Shine only use a fully synthetic sealant, which is 20 times more durable than wax, with protection measured in months rather than days, and offer much better chemical resistance and dust repellency than conventional wax. The sealant used in the Detailing Package is rated to last over 100 hand washes. Every OCD Shine sealant and ceramic coating is made in the US.

The OCD Shine Guarantee

OCD Shine doesn’t sell different levels of detailing packages because every vehicle that OCD Shine refreshes is treated with the same high level of scrutiny and care. This means low budget detailing products aren’t ever used & no process is ever rushed. OCD Shine would rather give you a longer estimated time of completion to guarantee outstanding results than complete a job on time but deliver a less than stellar outcome. OCD Shine won’t work on any project that would fail to meet OCD Shine’s Company Standards if it was to be completed.

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OCD Shine Reserves The Right To Refuse Service

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