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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you need access to?
Electricity and a covered work area.

Do you service apartments or multi-unit condominiums?

Do you come to commercial offices, shopping centers, public streets or other public places?
No, unless you get written permission from the property owner or City Hall to permit detailing services on the property. Otherwise, OCD Shine’s permit allows residential private property only. Work on the street is not allowed for insurance reasons.

Do you need access to water?
No, purified drinking water is used to prevent hard water spots.

Where is your shop?
OCD Shine is a mobile detailing business based in San Gabriel that comes to YOUR location.

What areas do you serve?
10 square miles surrounding San Gabriel: San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County

I don’t have a garage. Can you still detail my car, truck, or SUV?
Yes, but you can’t get a ceramic coating; only a sealant (which comes with the Detailing Package) or ceramic sealants. This is because true ceramic coatings require a 24 hour cure time in a garage to avoid oil (fingerprints), moisture, and other incidental paint contact.

How long does the Detailing Package take?
4 to 7 hours.

Do I have to be present when you work on my car?
No. If you provide OCD Shine with a valid email address to bill you with an invoice and a safe place to leave the car keys, then you only need to be present during the preliminary vehicle inspection to sign a work order form.

Do you need my keys?

How do I maintain my new sealant or ceramic coating?

“Regular maintenance is easier, better, and cheaper than the cure.”

Use ONLY a detailer spray like Meguiar’s Quik Detailer OR a pH balanced (acid-free) car wash soap (meaning the soap won’t strip wax) like Meguair’s Gold Class Shampoo with multiple clean microfiber towels to clean your paint. If you don’t have detailer spray, then you can put 1 ounce of car wash soap in a spray bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. Wash your vehicle 1x a week (or 1x every 3 weeks if garaged).

CAUTION: Avoid wax, clay, compound, polish, cleaner waxes (polishing wax aka 1-step polish, all-in-one wax/polish, or 3-in-1 wax), and wheel cleaners. Avoid allowing water from sprinklers or your garden hose to dry on your paint, and wash your vehicle (or use detailer spray) right away if your paint has tree sap or bird dropping marks.

What kind of detailing products do you use?
EVERY product that OCD Shine uses is made in the U.S.A., even the ceramic coatings.

OCD Shine uses mainly Meguair’s professional Detailer and Mirror Glaze lines because of their stellar reputation, pro-grade formulas, and consistent results. However, because one brand won’t have the best product for every situation, OCD Shine also uses 3M, 3D Products, and a mix of products from a few other high-end U.S.A. manufacturers too.

My city has water use restrictions because of the drought. Can you come to my location?
Yes. OCD Shine uses a drought-friendly rinseless wash method popular with Southern California’s best detailers to conserve water and to prevent drain runoff. If you have tree sap, bird droppings, or dried mud/salt on your paint, then it’s recommended (but not required) that you wash your car before scheduling an appointment for cost savings and best results.

I don’t want an entire detailing package so can I pick just one or maybe a few other services instead?
Yes, but only for: paint correction, ceramic coatings, wheel/caliper ceramic coatings, engine bay detailing, or headlight restoration.

What’s wax?
Wax is a thin and clear protective layer that bonds to your paint’s surface, protecting your car, truck, or SUV from contaminants. This makes your vehicle easier to clean and also cuts down the number of times you need to wash your vehicle to keep it clean in comparison to an unwaxed auto. Wax also increases the gloss of your vehicle.

What’s a sealant?
Sealants do the same job as wax, also protecting your vehicle from contaminants, but offer 20 times as much durability, with protection lasting up to 1 year. Sealants also are dust repellent and have chemical resistant properties.

What’s a ceramic coating?
Ceramic coatings do the same job as waxes and sealants but offer 2-3 times as much durability as sealants, with protection lasting years. Ceramic coatings are dust repellent and have chemical resistant properties.

My headlights are foggy. Can you make them clear again?

My car smells really bad. Can you get rid of the smell?
Yes. A thorough vacuum, steam clean, & shampoo will get rid of that funky smell.

Can you clean suede?

Can you remove pet fur?

Can you remove coffee, soda, and other heavy stains?

Can you remove scratches on my paint?
Yes, if they are fine scratches from car washing, which means you can see the fine swirl marks and scratches but can’t feel them.

Can you remove spray paint vandalism damage?

Can you remove permanent water spots on my paint and glass?

Can you remove oxidation?

Can you restore black plastic trim?

Do you clean baby seats?

Do you accept credit/debit cards?
Yes. OCD Shine also accepts Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Cash App.

Do you accept personal checks?

What do you detail?
Passenger vehicles only

Do you detail motorcycles?

Do you detail commercial vans, commercial delivery trucks, semi-trucks, motorhomes, large trailers, or recreational vehicles?
No. OCD Shine does not service Ford Transit/Nissan NV200/Mercedes Sprinter vans or any other type of commercial or oversized vehicle.

Your question isn’t listed above? Call or text your question to: 626-410-8391

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